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Why Life Insurance Is Important?

Why life insurance is important, life insurance is designed to help your survivors continue to live in the event of your death. Your family still has to pay the bills, they gotta pay the mortgage, they gotta pay the car, gotta pay groceries, insurance, education. If your income is needed while your still alive it just makes sense it’s needed after you die.

You don’t want your family losing your home and having difficult time paying the bills. They’re having enough heartache just being without you anymore, but adding the financial stress of losing your income almost makes it nearly impossible.

But to determine how much life insurance you need means you need to sit down with your trusted advisor and make this decision together with your spouse. Many insurance companies have life insurance products that have a full death benefit. This initially is great, but many times your family can go through that sum of money sometimes in less than a year. Then all of a sudden they’re without again.

What Allstate offers is, we have a policy that is designed to pay your family monthly instead of in one lump sum. So they don’t go through the money. You determine how much money you want monthly, if you want it to be 5000 per month and your spouse needs that money to pay the bills, we can set the plan up to pay your spouse 5000 a month for a term of three, five, or 10 years. Plus the plan gives them a lump sum death benefit immediately for $25000 for your final expenses with funeral costs.

It’s really the best of both worlds. Of course this new monthly income insurance plan is available through Allstate [inaudible 00:01:51] if you’d like more information on this product, please give us a call at 817-447-0719. Bye bye.