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Why Life Insurance For Babies?

Why should you put life insurance on babies? Boy, this is a great question. The primary reason for putting life insurance on babies is for guaranteed insurability. This is a rider that can be added to all juvenile life policies.

What it’s designed to do is, beginning at age 18, your insurance company will make the insured six offers of additional life insurance every three years. If for some reason your child has become uninsurable, this rider guarantees them standard insurance rates regardless of their current health, without any type of exam.

What a great gift of love. A lot of grandparents will put these type of policies on their grandchildren. Most grandchildren are never appreciative, but if they do come down with some illness in the future, they’ll be elated that someone had the insight to love them enough to do this type of coverage.

Again, you can call Allstate Tim Rial Agency, and we can give you information on these type of policies. You can reach us at 817-447-0719. Bye bye.