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Which Auto Insurance Has Accident Forgiveness?

A lot of people have asked, “What is accident forgiveness?” Accident forgiveness is exactly what it states; if you have an accident, you will not be penalized by the insurance company for that accident.
Now, the majority of companies that do have accident forgiveness, it’s usually just for one accident only. Now, Tim Rial Insurance Agency has their platinum auto insurance plan that has unlimited accident forgiveness, so whether you have one accident or you have five accidents, they’ll all be forgiven and your rates will not be increased because of the accident. Plus, the platinum plan has a vanishing collision deductible that goes down by $100 each year of not having an accident. Plus, also has a safe driving award that’s paid out to customers that do not have an accident every six months.
Now, for more information on Allstate’s accident forgiveness plans, call Tim Rial Insurance Agency. You can reach us at 817-447-0719.