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Families in Texas Living with Hunger

Thanks to a news article from NBC, we now know that families in Texas struggle harder to put food on the table than families in most other states. One in five residents in the Fort Worth area struggles with hunger on a regular basis, and one in six children in our community come from financially challenged homes that are often unable to provide healthy, nutritious meals.

The Tim Rial Agency believes that no family in our community deserves to go hungry, and we are on a mission to help eradicate hunger in Johnson and Tarrant counties.

Providing Healthy Meals

Our agency is a regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange group, a collective of like-minded agencies that provide critical support to communities in need. We are launching an anti-hunger campaign in the Fort Worth area to help provide meals to residents facing hunger, and we will also be working with housing initiatives to ensure all the families in our area have a place to call home.

There is much to do, and we could use your help.

Help Us Fight Hunger

Instead of asking for donations, we’re asking you and other concerned residents in our community to help us share our plans for ending hunger in Fort Worth. If you invite a friend or family member to visit the Tim Rial Agency, we will offer them a free insurance consultation, and then we will make a contribution in YOUR name to a regional initiative to help provide meals and housing to struggling families in our area.

Join the Team!

This is an easy way for you to join the fight against hunger and help make a positive difference for the families in our area who are struggling with hunger on a daily basis. We hope you’ll stand with us and help end hunger in Fort Worth!


Tim Rial
Tim Rial Agency

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